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Puppy Grooming Familiarisation Service

During your puppy's early weeks and months, it is important for them to become accustomed to all the things they will encounter in their adult life. For that reason, Chiswick Pets offers a special "familiarisation service" for puppies.

By starting the grooming experience at an early age, we can build up a positive experience by giving your puppy short, relaxing sessions, specially tailored for new puppies just getting used to being groomed.

Your puppy will come to accept his grooming session, and learn to be handled on the table, which will also help for other activities such as veterinary visits.

This will ensure your puppy is relaxed and comfortable with being groomed, handled and examined in later life, rather than being fearful or distressed in such situations. This socialisation is an important first step in your puppies life, just the same as toilet training and learning to come when called!